Marriage Converstation



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Marriages that continue to become healthier, more vital, more interesting, more fun – tend to enliven everyone around them. Not only do they create a safer world for children, research shows that the people living those marriages tend to be healthier, do better with money, get more out of the adventure of aging and more.

We called it the marriage conversation because we wanted to engage couples who were themselves eager and willing to expand and grow. We not only welcome your feedback we ask for it.


Press Play for an introduction to “The Marriage Conversation”





With these rings Book

With These Rings offers the

opportunity to turn arguments

into intimacy, chronic conflict

 and the fear of loss into new

beginnings through active,

imaginative interaction.



From Marginal to Magnificent Book

Some marriages became a

series of groans, some live

in the blues. Many marriages

no longer sing. We created a

new way to think about, imagine,

talk about and live in marriage.