Daily Archives: February 19, 2015

Surprise Attack

Simmering resentments (lit. re-feeling feelings) will unpredictably surface under stressful conditions. You may want to clean house with your own before they surprise you and do real damage. What’s often misunderstood in the work that psychotherapists do, is this: wounds, losses, betrayals and other damage done to our psychological world – need to be faced, […]

Speaking Out and Speaking Well

You can help shape the way elections happen The French novelist and philosopher Albert Camus, writing over sixty years ago, reminded his countrymen of what was needed from those who wanted to address their country’s challenges – “Now that we have won the means to express ourselves, our responsibility to ourselves and to the country […]

Sex Gone South

Marriage and the challenge of holiday distractions In a recent radio show I was asked how we deal with the common challenge of couples signing off on sex during the holidays. It’s a good question and one my wife and I are challenged by as well. The holidays bring an inordinate array of challenges to […]

Self Help Your Marriage – The Challenge of Happiness

Most of us think the self help industry – books, articles, videos – is for us. We want more ‘self esteem,’ we desire to increase personal effectiveness, we long to leverage our income making into wealth creation. All good. But have you thought that your marriage, the marriage itself, could use some ‘self help?’ Marriage […]

Saturday Morning Perspective

The world offers its things to worry about. About as often, people offer their idiosyncrasies to us to distract or annoy us. We live in a sensory whirlpool of  – “urgently needed” products, sensational news, endless demands for our attention. What we need we don’t get. We don’t because we fail to recognize its importance. […]

Resonant Listening

The angry young stockbroker When the angry young stockbroker told his wife of a great deal he discovered on a fix me up beach house, she replied ‘we can’t afford it. We aren’t even putting money away for our 401k.’ In my office he practically foamed at the mouth as he told her that she […]

Pathways Within Pathways

The poet, Robert Frost wrote “two roads diverged in a yellow wood, and, sorry I could not travel both and be one traveler, long I stood…  Within marriage there are roads taken and roads passed by. We see the journeys within marriage as paths that converge and separate, intertwine and veer off. Let’s look at […]

Parenting – Protect their Play

 Protect their Play: a parenting perspective  My youngest daughter turns 13 in two weeks. I can see her daily going from tween to teen. She’s a young woman with lots of friends, lots of school activity, lots of interests. There’s not so much time for hanging out, getting an ice cream, taking mini vacations. The […]

On Political Intelligence

If I were to advise either of the two major candidates for office of the President of the United States – Barack Obama and Mitt Romney – I would tell them this: take a chance. Forget personal attacks, leave behind the characterization of ‘issues’ your team believes represents the other’s point of view, stop trying […]