Daily Archives: February 20, 2015

Why Twitter – Why Not

Why Twitter – Why Not in Marriage Conversation There is a big messy challenge for anyone who has an idea and wants the world to know about it. Not that the world necessarily needs the idea. Just a few people really do, or so it seems. But a good idea sparks a great deal of […]

Why Marriage Self Help Books May Not Help

Why Marriage Self Help Books May Not Help in Marriage Conversation I’m sitting in Starbucks trying to concentrate while the place slowly fills up with women gathering for coffee. The topic of the morning seems to be husbands and the women for the most part aren’t happy with who they have. They aren’t saying they’re […]

Who’s Fault Doesn’t Really Matter in Marriage

Who’s Fault Doesn’t Really Matter in Marriage in Marriage Conversation I volunteered to run a booth at a recent charity event. I was paired with what appeared to be a hard nosed business guy – he owned a mid sized company – and we initially sized each other up. That’s what guys do in that […]

What’s Up Doc

What’s Up Doc in Marriage Conversation Marriage and the Communication Dilemma. We have a teenage daughter who is delightful, energetic and responsible. That is, she responds to a voice within her that listens to a beat I can’t quite hear. I have my own (inner) voices and although I am not schizoid yet, I do […]

What’s Marriage Got to do With it

What’s Marriage Got to do With it in Marriage Conversation Perhaps our deepest longing is to experience the legitimacy of our loving in the on going presence of someone loving us. Good marriages do that. In their absence, we too, cry. What’s Marriage got to do with it? I’m talking with a friend over coffee […]

What Marriage Is

What Marriage is in Marriage Conversation Marriage is an intentional act and the need for intention never eases. Marriage is an opportunity for self growth, a Petri dish of unending discovery. Marriage can take you beyond self absorption, narcissism and past wounds. You can do it by focusing on loving rather than being loved. Marriage creates […]

What Can You Say After You Say Im Sorry

What Can You Say After You Say Im Sorry in Marriage Conversation Re-imagining Marriage How can you prove that you are sincere? What do you do when someone you love blames you? How can you take a moment of truth and let it change you? These lyrics from 40 or 50 years ago, capture something […]

Vision Your Marriage

Vision Your Marriage in Marriage Conversation We do not often connect the need for vision in our most important relationships with the actions that visioning will produce. Smart business leaders dedicate time and energy to imagining just what they would like to see happen in their business over the next 12 months, 3 years and […]