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Useful Links

Here are some links to useful resources in Marriage Conversation: Too tired for sex? Increase sex drive, increase sexual arousal. Laurie Mintz’s latest book “A Tired Women’s Guide to Passionate Sex” has been well received by couples and psychologists alike, and has been shown in research to increase sex drive and arousal in women who read […]

Taking off the Mask

Taking off the Mask in Marriage Conversation: The single most difficult task any professional helper who is dealing with a marriage that has lost its bearings is this: there is an immediate need to ‘take off the masks’ that each individual wears. Necessarily so. Why? Masks are created to meet the expectations of the world […]

Starting Fresh Claiming a new Life within Marriage

Starting Fresh Claiming a new Life within Marriage on Marriage Conversation: Why do many marriages veer towards marginal when the love that started the process seemed so promising? How is it that many people wake up three or four years into marriage wondering why they married in the first place? Many marriages ‘marginalize’ their love. […]

So Busy Parenting we Forget to Love and Cherish our Children

So Busy Parenting we Forget to Love and Cherish our Children In Marriage Conversation: Parenting is way of life. It demands consistent consciousness and attentiveness. There’s safety, health, learning, relationships, play – all needing our guidance and focus. We want a lot for these little people who are on the way to taking their place […]

She Doesn’t Get It – Time Magazine’s Featured Article on Marriage

She Doesn’t Get It- Time Magazine’s Featured Article on Marriage – Marriage Conversation: Caitlin Flanagan’s featured piece in Time Magazine (July 13th) is a harangue on men – shaming, blaming, superior, posturing – but misses ‘what’s missing’ in marriage. Ms Flanagan’s piece is from the old school. You may think she’d grown up with Cotton […]

Shame On You

Shame On You on Marriage Conversation: The May 30, 2011 cover of Time Magazine had this headline “Sex, Lies, Arrogance: What Makes Powerful Men Act like pigs?”            This title neatly catches an old worn out paradigm – a Puritan thought police kind of thing- that reflects attitudes of shaming, blaming, self righteousness […]


Safety In Marriage

Safety in Marriage in Marriage Conversation: In order for a marriage to function as a healthy marriage there is a big need for safety. We call good marriages ‘learning communities’ because healthy marriages make each partner (and all the children) smarter. Dysfunctional marriages (we call them ‘marginal’) tend to make the partners crazier or perhaps […]

Privacy Notice

Privacy Notice in Marriage Conversation: To help you make decisions about the information you provide anywhere on this site, this notice has been provided to outline our practices. Your privacy is important to us. On this site you can buy products and sign-up for our e-newsletter. We use secure hosting accounts and other security measures […]