Daily Archives: April 23, 2015

Seeing is Believing Episode

We look at the world the way we always have. A new perspective – a really fresh look – is hard to come by. Yet, relationship viability requires this competency. We must be able to re-contextualize, to re- imagine chronic challenges if we are to have any possibility of moving on and through them. To […]

Share your Pain Episode

Grief is part of life. How you enter it, relate to it, share it, as well as what you learn from it – determines what you give back to the world. Giving back to the world may be the most important gift grieving and loss offers.       Please like & share:

Marriage Sparks Fading Episode

You may be surprised to know that marriage failure has a lot to do with the model or paradigm you live within, more perhaps than it has to do with poor choice of partner. Your paradigm informs your perception – your expectations, your images of satisfaction, and your willingness to work on this marriage.   […]

Raising a Teenager Episode

Arguments are power struggles and power struggles occur in the absence of true or ‘good’ authority. Arguments are useless because they aren’t really aimed at solutions. They are concerned with winning or losing. Good authority recognizes authority in others. If you are going to change your relationship with a teenager you’ll be wise to recognize […]

Difficult Conversations Episode

Stonewalling, passivity, avoidance are all relationship stoppers. This podcast is about changing the game and opening a new pathway to talking about difficult stuff. You can recreate a style of conversation and in doing so, recreate your marriage.       Please like & share:

Marriage Communication Episode

We may think we know our partners better than they know themselves. That conceit lies behind a whole lot of frustration when communication is the issue within marriage. Anticipating what will be said is a communication stopper. Here’s a story for you.       Please like & share:

Understanding your Spouse Episode

The way you see the world and the way your partner sees the world inevitably will be different. Getting your hands around that idea will change your conversations from adversarial to collaborative.       Please like & share:

Fights About Money Episode

Money makes the world go around, or so they said in the stage play Cabaret. While it may or may not be the root of all evil it is the root of much conflict within marriage. Here’s our introduction to this dicey topic.       Please like & share: