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Marriage The Unspoken Realities

Marriage The Unspoken Realities in Marriage Conversation: It’s not what you talk about but what you avoid talking about that will make your marriage marginal. The vulnerability of men and boys and the painful consequences of isolation were vividly captured this week as we all read the Penn State story. A world where invulnerability is […]

I Study Marriage for a Living

I Study Marriage for a Living in Marriage Conversation: If someone asked you “what’s your partner’s biggest fear?” Could you name it? The newest coffee shop in town was deserted except for a huge police officer sittìng belly out front sipping a small cup of decaf. I knew it was decaf because the box was […]

High Functioning Family Teams

High Functioning Family Teams in Marriage Conversation The Marriage Conversation on WTBQ Radio NY with Dr. Stephen Frueh and Shannon Sanford How family’s become high functioning teams {audio} Conversation-9-12.mp3{/audio} Show Length: 51.01 Please like & share:

Couples Articles

Couples Articles in Marriage Conversation: Make a selection below to see a list of all Dr. Stephen Frueh’s articles, podcasts, and radio shows Marriage On The Air Radio Shows Podcasts Stephen’s Articles Please like & share:

Conflict, The Golden Path to Intimate Connection

Conflict, The Golden Path to Intimate Connection in Marriage Conversation: A favorite scene in the Wizard of Oz has Dorothy confronting the Wizard. “You’re a fraud” she says after Toto has knocked down the screen separating him from the four adventurers. “No I’m not” he replies. “I’m simply trying to help..” Dorothy’s anger came from […]

A Man’s Wedding

A Man’s Wedding in Marriage Conversation I walked briskly up the curved driveway of a beautiful Southern California home. Not a mansion, not a tract either. I rang the doorbell of a male friend, Frank, that I hadn’t seen in a couple of years, that is, since I was best man at his wedding. Our […]