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Another Thing About Marriage

Another thing about Marriage in Marriage Conversation is to take full responsibility for your own happiness is one essential basis for successful partnering. What that means is this: you no longer get to use your partner as the scapegoat for what you lack. You no longer get to blame her for the coldness you learned […]


Shame On You

Shame On You on Marriage Conversation: The May 30, 2011 cover of Time Magazine had this headline “Sex, Lies, Arrogance: What Makes Powerful Men Act like pigs?”            This title neatly catches an old worn out paradigm – a Puritan thought police kind of thing- that reflects attitudes of shaming, blaming, self righteousness […]

Couples Articles

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Who’s Fault Doesn’t Really Matter in Marriage

Who’s Fault Doesn’t Really Matter in Marriage in Marriage Conversation I volunteered to run a booth at a recent charity event. I was paired with what appeared to be a hard nosed business guy – he owned a mid sized company – and we initially sized each other up. That’s what guys do in that […]

What’s Up Doc

What’s Up Doc in Marriage Conversation Marriage and the Communication Dilemma. We have a teenage daughter who is delightful, energetic and responsible. That is, she responds to a voice within her that listens to a beat I can’t quite hear. I have my own (inner) voices and although I am not schizoid yet, I do […]

Talking Helps

Albert Pujols, the high priced acquisition of the Los Angeles Angels baseball team, commenting on the team’s recent resurgence, said “talking helps,” and “we weren’t communicating.” The need for communication can be seen in almost every sport as teams constantly adjust to the changing conditions of a game. Years ago a doctor researching the causes […]

Marriage is about Love – But….

“All you need is love… da, da da-da, da-da, da” so goes the lovely John Lennon mantra, and he’s right. And also missing something. I have known many people who actually love other people but their fear or their insecurity or their past wounds and losses – get in their way. The person loved often […]

Love’s Day is Every Day

There’s a great deal of advice floating around our there – “ten tips for lovers;” “what to buy so you don’t look like you’re buying her off;” “create a dreamy evening just for him” – all good, all doable. But we had to ask (it’s our job) this: “what does Valentine’s Day really have to […]

Love Story

The Love Story of the Year cannot be found in the movies. It is not a novel. No matter how well a Hollywood writer can describe two people coming together the story will pale against what happens every day in your own living room. Your unspoken, under appreciated, unseen love story is the story of […]