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Divorce isn’t Only a Personal Choice

Divorce isn’t Only a Personal Choice in Marriage Conversation: Divorce isn’t only a personal choice. It has a history. You’d be wise to learn about that history and its impact on marriage. Read more about the Evolution of Divorce. Please like & share:

Divorce before Divorce

Divorce Before Divorce in Marriage Conversation Many time people consider Divorce when they really ought to learn how to end (divorce) the stale and worn out agreement they have called marriage… Many marriages end before they begin. They abort the promises made at the alter of commitment. Divorce is an attempt to solve complex problems […]

Divorce and the National Average

Divorce and the National Average in Marriage Conversation We live on a cul de sac in a ‘safe’ city in Southern California. Our neighbors are polite and friendly. We all share vegetables from our gardens. Nobody speeds. We are all conscious of the nine children living in the four houses at the end of the […]

Continual Renewal

Continual Renewal in Marriage Conversation “Auto pilot relating” means you no longer believe that change and growth is an important part of intimacy. You may believe that your partner can’t or will not change. You may believe that you’re ‘too old to change’ or that your partner is too old. Recently at a business forum […]

Now That You’ve All Heard

Now that you’ve all heard about marriage and its challenges, now that you’ve watched endless television shows that lampoon long term relationships, now that you’ve lived together long enough to be bored together and maybe just maybe ask each other if there’s something more for the two of you.. Now that you’ve all heard about […]