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The Self Help Check Out Line For Marriage

Automation has its advantages. But I generally resist them. The supermarket where I shop recently installed a ‘self help’ line. They made it user friendly and I learned how to do it for those times when I all I need is a loaf of bread. But I miss my friend the checker. She always asks […]

The Non-News News

There is information delivered to us in bright red packages covered with glitter which, when opened, leaves us with a ‘is that all there is?’ response. I still can’t get over how much ‘news’ is not really news. We have craftily combined a free enterprise strategy with the delivery of essential information and that strategy […]

The Birth of the Unusual Child Within

This Winter Solstice / Hanukah/ Christmas time of year reminds me of a deep truth contained within the celebrations but not explicitly stated. And that is that deep within the darkness of winter, new life is incubating within each of us. Each of us has legitimate access to the gifted, magical, wondrous child that we […]

Saturday Morning Perspective

The world offers its things to worry about. About as often, people offer their idiosyncrasies to us to distract or annoy us. We live in a sensory whirlpool of  – “urgently needed” products, sensational news, endless demands for our attention. What we need we don’t get. We don’t because we fail to recognize its importance. […]

On Political Intelligence

If I were to advise either of the two major candidates for office of the President of the United States – Barack Obama and Mitt Romney – I would tell them this: take a chance. Forget personal attacks, leave behind the characterization of ‘issues’ your team believes represents the other’s point of view, stop trying […]

Marriage on the Radio

Last week’s blog was a response to a superficial article in Time Magazine about men being pigs. I took offense. I argued that some recent high profile behavior of men was unfortunate, even juvenile. But “pigs?” I thought the use of the word sounded more like militant Puritanism than intelligent discussion. Then I went on […]

Marriage as Adventure

thoughts on an overcast day If I chose you and now know more about you than when I made that choice, is my uncertainty about my wisdom or about you? Nature brings to Southern California an ‘inversion layer’ – warm air pressing down the cooler air which wants to rise. Today that means we enjoy […]

Marriage and the Self Help Dumping Ground

I read an editorial in the Los Angeles Times this morning: “California I’m Dumping You.” Then I took a nap. But I couldn’t sleep. The idea of ‘dumping’ disturbed me and I kept thinking ‘I’m not dumping California, I’m embracing it. I’m embracing my marriage too and my life.’ ‘Dumping’ has become kind of hip. […]

Loving – Is a Gift

I chose Valentine’s Day as the day to remind me to screw my head on straight. I am not into boxes of candy for my honey – that’s a ‘gift’ she really doesn’t appreciate. Flowers are ok but they start fading in a day or two. The gift I want to give her is the […]