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Speaking Out and Speaking Well

You can help shape the way elections happen The French novelist and philosopher Albert Camus, writing over sixty years ago, reminded his countrymen of what was needed from those who wanted to address their country’s challenges – “Now that we have won the means to express ourselves, our responsibility to ourselves and to the country […]

Resonant Listening

The angry young stockbroker When the angry young stockbroker told his wife of a great deal he discovered on a fix me up beach house, she replied ‘we can’t afford it. We aren’t even putting money away for our 401k.’ In my office he practically foamed at the mouth as he told her that she […]

Listening Who Do you Want to Influence

Marriage and relationship complaints about partners not listening are offered by those who themselves often don’t listen. A husband and father I know complains of his teenage children: “they just don’t listen! How do you get your children to listen?” A second kind of listening is more often found in business but it’s there everyday […]

Getting Caught Up

Every day you hear this: ‘Things are moving so fast. I just got a smart phone and now I have to get the QR app.’ We are in the tech fast lane and most of us are bozos trying to figure it out. I stand in front of the line. If it weren’t for my […]