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The Third Pathway – Money

The Third Pathway – Money in Marriage Conversation The opening scene of Cabaret offers this – “money makes the world go around, the world go around, the world go around….” We live in a world of money. We ‘monetize’ actions, some behaviors are ‘value added’ and almost all activities of our lives have a moneyed […]

The Passive Male Problem in Marriage

Some years ago a psychologist studied adult male schizophrenics to see if he could discover the possible role fathers played in the development of their condition. His findings, greatly simplified in a 500 word blog, were this – that the most dangerous father for young men to have was the passive father. Passivity is dangerous […]

My Partner Responds

This post is in response to the Stephen’s post Get rid of that Picture This blog “speaks to me;” what’s more, I found myself about 20 times in it. So, at the risk of shamelessly self-referencing (but with full-disclosure that I am the author’s wife – no doubt there were a few moments when he was actually […]

Lazy Days and Internal Combustion

a memo to men I have met my latest granddaughter and she is lovely. My artist son and his artist wife travelled from Philadelphia last week with six month old Maya and I fell in love. Again. It’s wondrous and magical seeing her feet fly and her hands wave recklessly around when I come into […]

Get Rid of That Picture

A middle aged (does ‘middle aged’ mean anything anymore?) CEO (‘stressed, dressed and obsessed’ – is the way his wife describes him) came to see me for some coaching earlier this week. He owns two companies and it’s not enough. His business thrives in down times. He has no cash flow problems. He’s looking at […]