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Changing Civilization

Changing Civilization in Marriage Conversation This morning, someone I know really well told me a dream about her mother. Her mother, you might want to know, died many years ago. As she related the dream I realized she was re-evaluating the relationship she had with her mother. She was looking at the way she and […]

And Sunday Evening Retrospect

And Sunday Evening Retrospect in Marriage Conversation Would it be too much to ask? Ask whether the so called ‘weekend’ was what you wanted. What you signed up for. To ask a question dripping with meaning – why? Why did I do what I did? Why didn’t I do what I thought I’d do? Why […]

Why Marriage Self Help Books May Not Help

Why Marriage Self Help Books May Not Help in Marriage Conversation I’m sitting in Starbucks trying to concentrate while the place slowly fills up with women gathering for coffee. The topic of the morning seems to be husbands and the women for the most part aren’t happy with who they have. They aren’t saying they’re […]

What’s Marriage Got to do With it

What’s Marriage Got to do With it in Marriage Conversation Perhaps our deepest longing is to experience the legitimacy of our loving in the on going presence of someone loving us. Good marriages do that. In their absence, we too, cry. What’s Marriage got to do with it? I’m talking with a friend over coffee […]

Vision Your Marriage

Vision Your Marriage in Marriage Conversation We do not often connect the need for vision in our most important relationships with the actions that visioning will produce. Smart business leaders dedicate time and energy to imagining just what they would like to see happen in their business over the next 12 months, 3 years and […]

Trial by Error – Chaos Theory and Marriage

Trial by Error – Chaos Theory and Marriage in Marriage Conversation We all seem to long for a template – a clear outline by which we can run a war, build an educational system or pay our bills. And we are mostly disappointed when the unexpected derails our plans, sabotages our hopes or stunts our […]

The Way Marriage Works

The Way Marriage Works in Marriage Conversation MC The Way Marriage Works I want to introduce you to the new marriage conversation team and I want to do it for a good reason – what some call ‘a teaching moment.’ Nathan Curtis is the designer and maintainer of the site. Nathan is unflappable, attentive to detail, […]

Pathways Within Pathways

The poet, Robert Frost wrote “two roads diverged in a yellow wood, and, sorry I could not travel both and be one traveler, long I stood…  Within marriage there are roads taken and roads passed by. We see the journeys within marriage as paths that converge and separate, intertwine and veer off. Let’s look at […]

Marriage Turning Point

Many marriages slide relentlessly into a sort of flat lined, vacant, humorless existence. But if you’re reading this I have reason to believe you want something better. You might want a marriage that fulfills the promise of your enthusiasm the day you agreed to marry. You might imagine a relationship that works where conflict is […]