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Fathers and Sons Episode

The mystery, meaning, and deep power that is possible between fathers and sons is often missed. We perhaps are lulled by the struggles of living or seduced into creating a version of each other that most times isn’t true. Whatever the case, finding a pathway to relationship is rich in possibility.         […]

Whining Episode

Need awareness is perhaps the most critical component of healthy relating. It’s hard to allow yourself to be aware of your own needs when your life has been spent in the presence of adults who applaud need denial. “What a great player!” I heard a youthful soccer coach say. “He played the entire second half […]

Seeing is Believing Episode

We look at the world the way we always have. A new perspective – a really fresh look – is hard to come by. Yet, relationship viability requires this competency. We must be able to re-contextualize, to re- imagine chronic challenges if we are to have any possibility of moving on and through them. To […]

Raising a Teenager Episode

Arguments are power struggles and power struggles occur in the absence of true or ‘good’ authority. Arguments are useless because they aren’t really aimed at solutions. They are concerned with winning or losing. Good authority recognizes authority in others. If you are going to change your relationship with a teenager you’ll be wise to recognize […]