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Resentment Episode

That which is unaddressed, avoided or denied can cause great havoc in your relationship and set a mood – resentment – that will poison even your best efforts at loving. Of course you must be prepared for anything once you decide to speak your heart thoughts outloud.           Please like & […]

Faithfulness Episode

We make much, in American dialogue about marriage, of the need for faithfulness. “Married 27 years and never been unfaithful.” There is another dimension to faithfulness that we don’t so often talk about. You’ll find it here in this reminder of what faithfulness is really all about.           Please like & […]

Yes No Maybe Episode

If your life together is bland and joyless. If your conversations drift along with no energy, if you often feel resentful, this little story is for you.           Please like & share:

Wounds into Gold Episode

What happens to us sometimes happens for us. What we call wounds can be the impetus to self realization. I don’t mean to be an ‘airy – fairy’ optimist here. I do mean to encourage you to take a second look at those experiences you perhaps have felt victimized by and see how you can […]

Cognac Episode

Consciousness is partly distilled wisdom. It is the capacity to take one’s own experience together with the experience of others and create a third thing. Consciousness summarizes, focuses, points. We are always distilling miles and miles of information – emotional, intellectual, spiritual, psychological and physical – and using it to make sense of our complex […]

Why Tell Stories in Marriage Episode

The stream of experience, the wealth of learning, the vast resources of memory – all are contained ‘in a nutshell’ in our stories. Stories help us feel our commonality, community, and communicate images we count on to survive. Stories pull us, push us, startle us, perplex us. Life without stories would be flat lined indeed. […]

Bull in a China Closet Episode

“A prophet is not without honor, except in his own country.” So an ancient saying goes. Those we are closest to often suffer from familiarity in this way: it’s hard to see their gifts, hard to gain perspective, hard too to even hear them – when what they are saying doesn’t fit our habitual way […]