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Stop Look Listen Episode

It’s easy to let the world around you control your focus. It doesn’t take much effort to be a stooge of the ‘entertainment culture.’ Being entertained, distracted, pulled in directions others want you to go makes you lazy, relationally speaking. You can reclaim your focus and rebirth your relationship simply by creating your own purposeful […]

Why Tell Stories in Marriage Episode

The stream of experience, the wealth of learning, the vast resources of memory – all are contained ‘in a nutshell’ in our stories. Stories help us feel our commonality, community, and communicate images we count on to survive. Stories pull us, push us, startle us, perplex us. Life without stories would be flat lined indeed. […]

Marriage Communication Episode

We may think we know our partners better than they know themselves. That conceit lies behind a whole lot of frustration when communication is the issue within marriage. Anticipating what will be said is a communication stopper. Here’s a story for you.       Please like & share: