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Privacy Notice

Privacy Notice in Marriage Conversation: To help you make decisions about the information you provide anywhere on this site, this notice has been provided to outline our practices. Your privacy is important to us. On this site you can buy products and sign-up for our e-newsletter. We use secure hosting accounts and other security measures […]

Marriage Book – Announcing Special Offer

Marriage Book – Announcing Special Offer in Marriage Conversation: We are all very excited this morning and I’ll tell you why. I have visions of making a big difference in the way people view marriage. This vision extends to redefining marriage in a way that gives couples substance – ideas to expand and deepen pathways […]

Dummy Content

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Conflict, The Golden Path to Intimate Connection

Conflict, The Golden Path to Intimate Connection in Marriage Conversation: A favorite scene in the Wizard of Oz has Dorothy confronting the Wizard. “You’re a fraud” she says after Toto has knocked down the screen separating him from the four adventurers. “No I’m not” he replies. “I’m simply trying to help..” Dorothy’s anger came from […]


Community in Marriage Conversation: If you would like to become part of the Marriage Conversation community you can do so in a number of ways: 1. Share your views and insights via the blog At the bottom of each article or podcast there is a comments form. Simply enter your comment or question in the […]

Couples Workshop Registration

Couples Workshop Registration in Marriage Conversation Subject: How to Build a Better Marriage When: Last Saturday of each month Where: Ventura County, CA Cost: $45 per couple Join us for the next in our popular workshop series on “How to Build a Better Marriage.” Coffee, donuts and laughter are guaranteed at our friendly and supportive workshops. […]