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Introducing Stephen W. Frueh M.Div; PhD

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Stephen is a coach and educator who has a passion for teaching people the fundamentals of effective relationships. He created the With These Rings model, working on it for over ten years, and expects to publish it this year.

Raised in the inner cities of New Jersey Stephen is a high school dropout whose hunger for learning led him to earn a Master’s of Divinity (Theology) and a Doctorate of Philosophy (PhD) in Clinical Psychology. He has studied leadership with the BestWork People in San Francisco, CA, and regularly consults with organizations and businesses in leadership development.

Stephen has been a consultant to civic organizations, parent groups and schools and has spoken to groups across the country on relationships, leadership, personal success and self esteem. He has actively participated in Men’s Gatherings for the past fifteen years as well as spoken at several events.

He brings passion and compassion to the challenges of relationship, the creation of ‘sustainable enthusiasm’ in marriage and the needs of families.

You can email Stephen directly on stephen@marriageconversation.com or click below to use the contact form.

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