Check your Whiner at the Door

 In Individual Work

Check your Whiner at the Door in Marriage Conversation

Marriage holds within it huge possibilities for personal growth – including, but not limited to: increasing your capacity to listen to someone you love; articulating complex feelings / thinkings; shaping your personal vision in partnership with someone else’s vision; learning to embrace conflict.

These are all required for those who wish to live a full and meaningful life. Marriage offers the opportunity to grow into your fullest self.

Trouble is, many of us hang out with our woundedness and use it to complain about our partners. We call this projection and it doesn’t help you grow.

If you would like to grow yourself while growing your marriage you’ll have to ‘leave your whiner at the door.’ Park her or him outside, perhaps by the trash barrels and enter with an attitude of curiosity – ‘who is this person I’ve chosen to partner with?’ ‘Who are they today?’

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