Event Speaking

Stephen is a keynote speaker who crafts his presentations in response to a group’s needs. The presentations are custom designed to maximize the value a particular group seeks. He offers a fresh point of view while addressing familiar challenges:

  • Waking up a Slumbering Marriage
  • Three things that will change how you communicate
  • Owning it! How to stop analyzing your partner while transforming the ‘connectability’ of your relationship.
  • Conflict, Triggers, and the ‘marriage learning community.’
  • Co – create a shared vision.
  • Creating Sustainable Enthusiasm for Intimate Connecting.

Each presentation can be followed by a next day workshop amplifying and expanding the learning within the presentation.

Stephen is available to consult with your team about the best possible structure and most desirable content for your event. Stephen is a coach and educator who has a passion for seeing couples reach their potential for intimate connecting.