From Marginal to Magnificent

How to Make your Marriage Sing

Marginal Marriages fly below the radar – but we’ve all known them. They are marriages that get by, but produce little joy. They’re marriages of good form but often little substance. Every day tends to look and feel and sound a lot like yesterday. They are often the target of not – so – cool jokes. Magnificent marriages embrace conflict successfully, enjoy multiple pathways to intimacy, are continually growing and deepening and embrace challenges as opportunities for learning. They enjoy mutual loving, and are centers of competence around which children, grandchildren and communities thrive.

“Healthy Marriages Make the World a Safer Place for Children”

From Marginal to Magnificent you’ll learn:

  • The five stages on the way to creating competencies in your marriage.
  • Discover the genius hidden in conflict.
  • Hang out for a few moments with a new model of self esteem

These are the three journeys within marriage – discover their usefulness as pathways to intimate connecting. Did you know your marriage is more like a garden than a courtroom? Explore what it takes to create a healthy, nourishing source of food for your relationship. You’ll also get: How to read a Self Help book; Traveling tips for those who embrace the journeys; and seven principles that support life long commitment.

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