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Giving Voice to Your Marriage in Marriage Conversation

We’ve studied marriage for a long long time but became convinced that a new model of marriage was needed after six years of dating didn’t get us much closer to ‘closing the deal.’ Together, facing chronic conflict and trying to communicate using many of the phrases and ideas we grew up believing about marriage, we decided to create from scratch a way of talking about (and later teaching) marriage.


We read hundreds of articles, listened to countless presentations and were convinced that, among other things, conflict didn’t need to be ‘managed’ but instead needed to be embraced (it’s one amazing pathway to intimate connecting); that communication started with our “100% rule; and that distance and even affairs were disguised 911’s – an urgent call for change.

We saw that there were really only three domains within relationship and all communication started in one of them. We discovered that the domains were really journeys and that both of us shared a deep need for discovery of the other. We noticed change was inevitable (mine and hers) and stability in marriage was necessary. So we created a model that would offer skills in both.

We finally saw that divorce actually aborted a process (growth through natural life changes) that was meant to go on ‘until death us do part.’ We created a compelling offer to put divorce on the shelf while couples learned what the crisis was there for.

We welcome you to The Marriage Conversation and invite your participation. We offer individual and couple coaching as well as phone and email. We also have podcasts, books and articles and a few CDs all around the challenges and hopes you bring for your marriage.

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