Introducing Stephen W. Frueh, PhD

Stephen FruehStephen is a coach and an educator. He has a passion for seeing couples reach their potential for intimate connecting. Effective relating needs information, so Stephen and his partner Lynn created a model – With These Rings – that offers the structure any couple can work within. He extended that model in two books – With These Rings; and, Marginal to Magnificent, How to Make Your Marriage Sing.

Stephen began this journey in the inner cities of northern New Jersey. He dropped out of high school, worked in factories and at age 19 went back to school to earn a G.E.D. He followed that with eight years of theological studies earning a Masters of Divinity and then a PhD in Clinical Psychology. He has studied leadership as a post graduate.

Stephen combines these three streams of learning in a unique and compelling approach to marriage, offering couples a path to discovering their ‘why’ as well as their own unique ‘how.’ He brings passion and compassion to the challenges couples of all ages face in creating their own ‘marriage philosophy’ – a working model that offers an irresistible invitation to sustainable intimate connection. Stephen is available to speak to groups, offer workshops as well as coach couples and individuals around the “marriage conversation.