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There’s a great deal of advice floating around our there – “ten tips for lovers;” “what to buy so you don’t look like you’re buying her off;” “create a dreamy evening just for him” – all good, all doable. But we had to ask (it’s our job) this: “what does Valentine’s Day really have to do with our marriage?” Here’s a couple of thoughts to add to your kitchen drawer clippings:

  • Recognizing that you actually do love someone is a gift in itself (if you tell them). 
  • Claiming your love for them is an action verb. 
  • Listening to the one you love without interruption or analyses for 10 minutes is better than chocolate (but of course, chocolate is good) 
  • If you want to buy something for the one you love, buy (and give them) time. 
  • If you want them to feel cherished, spend 10 minutes telling them every thing you cherish about them. 
  • Make them oatmeal with raisins and honey. 
  • Sit close and hum a song they like. 
  • Read a poem by Rumi. 
  • Take a nice long early morning walk. 
  • Gently touch their face and tell them how beautiful they are.

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