Marriage, Apologies, Honoring Past Presidents, and Disney

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Sometimes I only get to scan the headlines but this morning’s news (L.A.Times, June 1, 2012) pulled me in several different directions. Where do I invest the few minutes I have when the stories are so diverse and interesting?

President Barack Obama honors (sort of) former President Bush – ‘he did a great job with a bullhorn standing on the debris of the World Trade Center following the attacks of 9/11.’ My question: can an incumbent find anything else good about a former adversary? Is George Bush old news or did he offer the country one or two other gifts of leadership?

Edwards owns up to ‘his sins.’ My question: is this a real acceptance of his gross behavior and is the remorse real? Clearly many supporters have been nudged towards cynicism by politicians whose personal lives are a mess and who do not seem to have the insight to address their challenges as they occur. Let’s ask those running for office some questions about the viability of their marriages.

“Key Part of Marriage Act Invalid.” My question: Why do we spend so much time and energy debating whether consenting adults should be allowed the same treatment by government as other consenting adults when the only difference between them is sexual orientation? Does government really have a legitimate role here?

“Alan Horn could revive Disney Magic.” Do I care? Is this giant corporation really interested in healthy, nurturing, interesting movie making that will feed our children well or is the concern only about their bottom line?

There is also news about corrupt officials in Vernon, CA who amped up their pension to over a half million dollars a year – these guys are bad enough to make anyone cynical about government. Yet.. I am a citizen of this country, I do vote and I do expect better. Write your congressman today. Tell him or her that you support them and that you expect transparency, honesty and good service. Tell them you and your children are counting on them.
There is also a headline about Charles Manson and some new tapes that detectives will be analyzing. We need, I think, to be reminded that unhealthy families are dangerous to all of us. Find yourself some local needy children and do something positive with them or for them.

In the end, we write the headlines because we decide what we will read and the news sources are only reflections of our interests and values. Here’s my suggestion for the week: Take a look at the headlines that interest you. Then decide to do something about something you can do something about. Passivity is dangerous. Cynicism is deadening. Ignorance is deadly.

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