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Marriage Book – Announcing Special Offer in Marriage Conversation:

We are all very excited this morning and I’ll tell you why. I have visions of making a big difference in the way people view marriage. This vision extends to redefining marriage in a way that gives couples substance – ideas to expand and deepen pathways to intimacy. I’ve developed a new approach to knowing one another called CAPPS. CAPPS invites couples to leave their assumptions behind and move toward intimate conversation. It gives you the tools to do it. We also turn fear of conflict ‘on its head’ and challenge couples to embrace it.

There’s more of course and you’ll find articles, posts, videos, commentaries, interviews – all on this site. Additionally, I sent off the manuscript to the publisher yesterday for “From Marginal to Magnificent: How to make your Marriage Sing.” It should roll off the press mid summer. Now, if you want to reserve a copy, I’ll make you an offer you can’t refuse – here it is:

Reserve your copy now and I’ll give you a 40% discount! Your book will be the first mailed out upon publication.

Reserve your copy now! Send an email with your contact information to:

And here’s a bonus. Not only that (as they say on late nite infomercials) but you’ll also receive a CD of an interview I did with Shannon Sanford of WBTQ, NY, together with three (3) free email coaching opportunities – a chance to audit your marriage and begin on a new path.

We want you all to get involved. We ask for your referrals. This team is working as hard as we can to make this portal website a more than competent resource for couples around the world. Join us.

Reserve your copy now! Send an email with your contact information to:

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