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This post is in response to the Stephen’s post Get rid of that Picture This blog “speaks to me;” what’s more, I found myself about 20 times in it. So, at the risk of shamelessly self-referencing (but with full-disclosure that I am the author’s wife – no doubt there were a few moments when he was actually referencing me as well), here are the words/concepts of Stephen’s blog that struck me. Middle aged Stressed Dressed Obsessed Forgetting to transition from business mode to mom/wife/hearth-and-home-steward Overly directive Cold (For the record: the dog never backs off) The Blink! snapshot is pretty high resolution, in all its not – very warm and fuzzy glory.

Lest I spiral down to the depths, I’m reminded that Stephen’s blog is a reminder – to get present, to be present. To embrace the quiet evening with my family, husband and 11-year-old daughter: simple, lovely dinner, homework, maybe a game of chess? To welcome the spontaneous visit of grown son and 3 yr old curly top grandson who implores me to “pick oranges with him (the blossoms are in full bloom – the bees are drunk – we’re all heady with the fragrance) and make juice” , sticky, sweet, delectable nectar of the gods.

Dump the work gear, work head. Breathe.
Bring on a little Currier & Ives.

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