The Marriage Conversation Philosophy

The Marriage Conversation (books, website, podcasts, workshops, speaking) was created out of a real desire to contribute to the health of marriages. “Healthy marriages make the world a safer place for children” became more than a phrase.
It provided a ‘why.’

Why work on my marriage when it seems ‘good enough?’
Why bring up old conflicts when we seem to ‘get along?
Why focus on expanding and improving our relationship when our kids are already grown and gone?’

Marriages that continue to become healthier, more vital, more interesting, more fun – tend to enliven everyone around them. Not only do they create a safer world for children, research shows that the people living those marriages tend to be healthier, do better with money, get more out of the adventure of aging and more. We called it the marriage conversation because we wanted to engage couples who were themselves eager and willing to expand and grow. We not only welcome your feedback we ask for it. This conversation can change the world. Think of it – couples connecting with each other in successively deeper ways, connecting with other couples who share that same vision – all of it creating better and healthier communities.