The Birth of the Unusual Child Within

 In Individual Work

This Winter Solstice / Hanukah/ Christmas time of year reminds me of a deep truth contained within the celebrations but not explicitly stated. And that is that deep within the darkness of winter, new life is incubating within each of us.

Each of us has legitimate access to the gifted, magical, wondrous child that we are. This “unusual” child, born under the most ordinary of circumstances, of the most ordinary of parents deserves our gifts of gold, fine perfumes and oils, celebration of the heavens and acknowledgement of those capable of recognizing the gift we ourselves bring to the world.

For it is this child whose wit and wisdom, deep loving and unusual point of view is often obscured by the very experiences of ‘growing up’ (also called socialization). School often worked to smooth the edges of her passion, parents, frightened by his directness or his energy, worked to help him ‘fit in.’

This child, whom psychologists once called our ‘inner child,’ is himself a ‘savior’ of the world because the world is always in need of renewal. Our orphan behaviors – depression, low self esteem, estrangement from others, angry moods, addictions – all keep this child out of sight. It is up to us to recognize, celebrate and fully claim the genius we are born with and which is our gift to the world.

As you focus on celebrations of the season, be sure to make some room for celebrating your own life – your failures, which are really profound teaching moments; your love, which perhaps you erroneously gave others the opportunity to invalidate; your energy, which sometimes overwhelmed the ordinary friends and family you chose; and your deep learning, which wasn’t recognized by a college or university.

These are your gifts as well as your responsibility – your light to bring to this world.

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