The Third Pathway – Money

 In Marriage and Men

The Third Pathway – Money in Marriage Conversation

The opening scene of Cabaret offers this – “money makes the world go around, the world go around, the world go around….” We live in a world of money. We ‘monetize’ actions, some behaviors are ‘value added’ and almost all activities of our lives have a moneyed dimension.

 The trick in dealing with money within marriage is to broaden and deepen the conversation. We can’t let it stop at ‘saving’ or ‘spending’ money. Money insists we deal with it. If we don’t, it will deal with us anyway, and it will not be pretty.

Money is energy in concentrated form. It ‘translates’ activities of the mind into tangible form useful for commerce. Physical labor or physical creativity is transformed into value through money.

In partnerships money is often treated like an orphaned child in that its power to communicate, its symbolic valuing quality or its ability to concretize values – is overlooked.

Money is a vehicle of many forms of communication but you have to tune into its presence without fear.

Try this: each of you put $10 (cash. No checks please) in an envelope weekly for three months. Then schedule an evening alone and bring the money. Put it on a table in front of you and have some fun. You can decide to do anything you want to do with it but.. your partner has veto power. Email me with the results.

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