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MC The Way Marriage Works I want to introduce you to the new marriage conversation team and I want to do it for a good reason – what some call ‘a teaching moment.’ Nathan Curtis is the designer and maintainer of the site. Nathan is unflappable, attentive to detail, honest and responsive. How would you like to describe yourself as marriage partner like that? Jon Tucker is an internet marketer and a good one. He’s energetic, challenging, creative and keeps his word. Does that sound anything like what you bring to partnership?

Stephen Frueh has studied relationships since childhood. He’s fascinated by the way people get along, do intimate conversation, or don’t. He looks behind the pretense, studies the roadblocks to communication, creates models that he hopes help people understand. His vision is that healthy marriages are not only possible but necessary. Healthy marriages make the world safer for children. Are you interested in that?

Marriage is for many of us an ongoing work of art. It isn’t something we endure, it isn’t a drag or a hopeless endeavor. We see it as a journey and an adventure full of challenges. We see it as an ongoing opportunity to grow and grow up. We see it as an opportunity to bring health to our communities, safety to children, promise for future generations. We embrace marriage and we embrace the work that goes with embracing it.

We invite each of you to get the word out that this web site is for all people who have a genuine interest in expanding and deepening their own relationships as well as in contributing to the vitality and relational exuberance of others. We solicit because we need your feedback, critiques, coaching, and referrals.

And, “thanks for listening.” Stephen Frueh PhD

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