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What Marriage is in Marriage Conversation

Marriage is an intentional act and the need for intention never eases. Marriage is an opportunity for self growth, a Petri dish of unending discovery.

Marriage can take you beyond self absorption, narcissism and past wounds. You can do it by focusing on loving rather than being loved.

Marriage creates community – good or not so good. It’s in your hands. And the community you create has real impact on the larger community you live in.

Marriage unfolds. It is never the same. If offers new discoveries, real challenges, options for creating your life – every day.

Marriage is a partnership in disguise. Like any partnership it calls for sobriety of thought and emotion, calls for decisive action, calls for empathy, calls for openness to new ideas and calls for accountability. Whether or not you’re up to it will determine the quality of your partnership and therefore, your life.

Celebrate the cosmic offer of gratitude for the birth of children everywhere. May you and your family discover this year a joy filled holiday.

Stephen and Lynn

Our next Couples Workshop is scheduled for January 23, 2010

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