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Why Twitter – Why Not in Marriage Conversation

There is a big messy challenge for anyone who has an idea and wants the world to know about it. Not that the world necessarily needs the idea. Just a few people really do, or so it seems. But a good idea sparks a great deal of other good ideas.

I’ve been sparked by such diverse idea generators as Alex Mandossian, Alan Weiss, Billy Graham, Plato, Phil Jackson, Mother Teresa, my former boss the farmer George, Bono, my wife Lynn, all of my children, my eighth grade teacher Ms Ward, Bob Dylan, Paul Fairweather and many more.

I love idea generators. They are steak and potatoes or good scotch on a cold winter’s night. Idea generators mostly have no idea of their impact. We simply take their idea and run down the runway of our imagination giving it flight with the kick of our feet and the thump of our hearts.

Marriage needs a new idea. Marriage has slowly been dumbed down by a mass adherence to an old collection of ideas. I’m not talking about the 70s push for ‘open marriage’ – that’s an old idea and it didn’t work very well. But it too had something good at its core – try something different.

Today marriage is almost obsessively defined as learning to communicate, or the need for being faithful. I just reviewed the lead (cover) article in Time Magazine on marriage. The article is full of old ideas communicated with hip pseudo passion. Good journalism, bad ideas.

Our idea, the one singular thought we want to share with the world is this: marriage needs, has to have, must have a new foundation. It needs a new paradigm around which we then can start a whole bevy of new conversations.

Faithfulness? Try the need to individuate within relationship. Communication? Try thinking and acting in harmony with the Three Journeys within marriage. Longevity? Try discovering the three ‘mini’ marriages hidden within the single, compelling, delightful, adventure we can call marriage (though, of course, we mean something entirely different by that word than most people mean when they talk about marriage as if they knew what they meant. Trust me. They do not. Of course I got sidetracked with my love of ideas and my belief that marriage is in need of a new idea. Here’s where I’m going.

The meteoric rise of social networking technology has given us access to a lot of bad ideas and some very good ones. Learning to use these tools for the good of others is a huge but necessary challenge demanding competencies that our youth seem to grow into naturally.

We have begun to Twitter. We really don’t know what we’re doing. But it’s a good idea and pregnant with possibility. So each morning as I crawl out of my cave I suck it up and try again. We welcome coaching, encouragement, advice, help.

Help us get the attention of all those good people out there who need a new and shining idea for their marriage. Help us find the voice. Tweet us.

My Twitter name is StephenFruehUSA

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