A workshop can be custom designed for any group depending on need and desire. Workshops grow out of presentations typically extending and expanding on an area of interest.
For example, a group that desires to address communication challenges might host an evening such as “why don’t you talk to me?” or “our conversations have grown dull and uninteresting.” This presentation sets the stage for an in depth workshop which introduces communication blocks, invites learning, and offers competencies that powerfully transform couples’ communication.

Additionally Stephen offers Presentations/ Workshops on:

  • Conflict – how to mine the gold hidden within it
  • The Three Journeys in Marriage
  • Seven Basic Relational Needs
  • Developmental Stages in Marriage
  • From Marginally (married) to Magnificently Connected and more.

He will consult with your team on how best to set up a Presentation/ Workshop weekend, how to promote it, and what to expect from it.